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Feeling Lonely in the Kitchen

Good Morning!


First a big Hello to everybody, having found this site is a real "Gluecksgriff" (lucky grab) so far - I sit with my mouth dropped down to my knees at least for most of the time at what is possible with cookies. The only reason I dont "like" each and every single picture posted is, well, that it seems kind of ridiculous to do so


But this site also makes me feel even more lonely than I did before. No matter how hard I try, none of my friends and relatives want to share this hobby with me. So I am always alone in the kitchen, talk to me, myself, and I and sometimes feel like a lunatic. I can't help it, virtual reality only satisfies me to a certain degree. It is no real substitute for living people. Unfortunately there are not many people around where I live who decorate cookies.


Do you also know this feeling, and if yes, what do you do about it?


Oh, and if you happen to come from Germany, live in the greater Hamburg region, and might like some company once in a while - feel free to let me know!


Take care


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