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Reply to "Feeling Lonely in the Kitchen"

Originally Posted by Laegwen:

Thanks for all the responses. I already feel a little less lonly, knowing that I am obviously not the only one

Maybe it's just a part of this hobby, that you mostly do it alone.

@Mily: I do get in conversations also with quite a lot of people about my cookies and they are all very impressed (or at least they say so), but whenever I suggest that I could show them how to do it, they panick *lol* But I will actually have my fitst class tomorrow. Piping leaves and flowers. Not exactly what I wanted, but the next best thing I could find. It would be a lot easier if I was into picture cakes *sigh*.

@Donaharrisburg: that's very sweet of you, here's a big hug in return!

@Julia: 6-7 tours is already quite a lot beside all the other stuff you do, do you sleep at all??? Maybe Germany will catch the cookie-fever in a few years. I'd definately come to a class of yours if I get a chance

@LilleKageHus: Can't wait fir an opportunity for a coffe-cookie-chat!

I'm having some trouble keeping up with my workload right now, honestly.