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Reply to "Feeling Lonely in the Kitchen"

Originally Posted by LilleKageHus:
Hi Marie,
sounds lovely, count me in!
You are not that far away, though. Especially as my husband is from Flensburg and we are visiting up there regularly. I truly hope we can meet up sometime. Especialy as I really admire your cookies
All the best

Hi Laegwen  


I think I can understand a bit. It's not a very common thing in Denmark either. But I was thinking perhaps of proposing a little "social cookie decorating" every now and then with maybe a few other people. I'm an expat so thought I would let the International communities know over here and see if we can be a bit like a knitting club.... but with icing (that sounds weird haha). 


So that's maybe a thought. Sadly I am all the way up in Midtjylland which makes me about 3 1/2 hours from Hamburg, but if we pass your way (we do plan to see as much as Germany as we can over time) I will definitely give you a shout and see if you'd like to go for a coffee and cookie chat


It can get a bit lonely in the kitchen, I always have music on so I don't get too aware of the silence (I live in a very quiet village so it can get incredibly silent haha) and it definitely helps to have some things to go to (I also go to some Internationals events, language lessons at night school and a knitting club) and whilst we don't talk about cookies, it does help connecting with other people.