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Reply to "Genie's Dream Meringue Powder"

mommacx3 posted:

Hello, all! I recently purchased my second container of Genie’s Dream meringue powder. Did the ingredients change? My first container smelled and worked wonderfully with my recipe and this container doesn’t smell good and I have had trouble with my recipe. Any thoughts? 


I am the creator of Genie's Dream.  Not sure what is up as we have had absolutely no change in recipe or supplier chain. The only thing different is our pretty new labels.   

Please private message me the lot number on your tub so I can follow up on your concern. I normally make a batch of icing from every lot as quality assurance.

Please be sure you are storing it in a cool dry place away from strongly scented products. It can absorb odors from surrounding things if not properly stored.

As you may or may not know, Genie's Dream, Creative Cookier, is a vast empire of two, Doug and myself. It is of the utmost importance to us to keep what made Genie what it is exactly the same. As a cookier and member of this community, that’s my responsibility.

Also, please feel free to reach out to me privately at any time you have a concern or comment, as we value our customers' input.

I look forward to hearing from you so we resolve your concern.


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