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Annelise posted:

Wow, thanks @Julia M. Usher@Manu@pip @Econlady and @Liesbet, you really are a welcoming bunch! 

Liesbet, I can't believe we are two archaeologists in this community - it's not such a common job! I did, in fact, bake a stratigraphic cake for my own defense last June - complete with medieval peasants burying heaps of dead sheep. Yup, we archaeologists have strange interests...  And Julia, feel free to ask me about my background anytime.

So I'm going to follow everyone's advice, post a cookie or two, ask for advice and look up all the tutorials I can find - and maybe try an entry to this month's challenge, we'll see. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Cheers everyone!

Annelise, I'll show you mine of you show me yours

What was your PhD about? I trained as a medieval field archaeologist in Belgium and then I worked on stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes in South Africa. Now I am more in contract archaeology.

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