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Happy Cookie Day, All!

Happy Cookie Day

Hi there, my cookier friends!!!! May you have a happy, sweet day - today is our day!!!

My special thanks of course to @Julia M. Usher and my overseas lovely cookier @Claudia Juarez *Cookie Engineer* and those lots I follow and have congratulated or asked for the techniques which amaze me: Jill, Sonja Galmad, Liesbet, Roos, and so many others who surprise me with all of their works. HAPPY DAY my friends of Cookie Connection!

Love & Joy,


PS: These are peanut butter cookies, very representative for me as I lived in the US as a small kid and loved it so much. Once, at work, I received the nickname "Skippy". It gives me great remembrances of my life in the US.


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  • Happy Cookie Day: Cookies and Photo by Sil Quiroga
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