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Reply to "Hi Y'all!"

Tamlei posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:

Hi again, @Tamlei. It's me in person this time (the first post above was automated). What a lovely intro! We are so happy to have you here - I always love to hear about cookie converts, and I am sure you will find members here quite helpful, so never hesitate to ask questions! Oh, and lucky you! Your husband sounds like a real keeper! I always cross my fingers that mine will remember my birthday. Getting a relevant gift is almost unheard of here! 

Hi Julia, thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm still just reading through the different areas here and finding out so much information! I was quite amazed at how intricate some of the details of cookie making can be! For example, the article provided about flour in the Toolbox Talk by the very knowledgeable Liesbet, just completely blew me away with how different flours can actually be and how they measure out differently. Thanks so much for sharing your advice and research with us Liesbet! I'm so intrigued, I stayed up half the night just reading! 

And yeah, I might be a bit partial, but I'm very blessed with the love of a great man! I am sure your husband is a great man too, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too, may your birthday be a pleasant surprise! 

Hi, @Tamlei, welcome! I read your reply to Julia and I could easily relate!😊 It reminded me two years ago when I found Cookie Connection and I spent days and nights catching up and reading everything! And I still do, as fellow cookiers have shared a lot here! Hope to see your cookies posted here soon!


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