Holiday/Christmas Cookie Box Preparation?

Well, it is my first holiday season as a business and being that I am overwhelmed as is, I am looking for ANY clarity or tips anyone has when it comes to how you conduct your business during the holidays.


More or less I have a few (million) questions:

  • What do you offer for the holidays - pre-arranged cookie boxes with a fixed price, only certain designs bagged, only cookie platters?
  • Do you buy tins? Is that too expensive?
  • When do you let the public know what holiday themes you are offering?
  • How many designs do you offer?
  • I have a two dozen minimum . . . do I lift that and let people order smaller numbers for xmas gifts?


Oh my god . . . these questions could go on forever! I am so sorry! If you answer even one, I would be thrilled. No reason to go through more unnecessary work with the holidays! Any tips, I am ALLL EARS!

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