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Reply to "What's the Best Airbrush to Get?"

Nicole88 posted:

Hello all, I know I have seen many threads here in the past about airbrushing machines, techniques, and recommendation. However, when I do a search for them, I get no results.icon_sad.gif

I am ready to purchase an airbrushing machine, but I just do not know which one to get. For those who use an airbrush, which machine do you use, recommend? I am looking for something affordable, but obviously good quality.

Here's what I came up with when I did a search: 

Which one would be a good choice?

If you have link to threads about this, I will take those as well.

I would have recommended my JULIA airbrush system, but it is out of stock now and I am no longer working with that partner for various reasons. I love and work with my JULIA airbrush everyday, however. I am hoping to launch another (similar) system in the not-to-distant future with another company. In order to give you a good recommendation in the meantime though, I would need to know your airbrushing needs - cookies and/or cakes? precision work or broad-brush coverage? etc. In general, I think dual-action airbrushes, like the one I offered, afford much more precision than single-action systems, as you are in control of both air and coloring flow at the same time. But, they will be more expensive. The compressor also matters. I'd avoid ones that are only rated to 15 psi, as some deliver less, which can contribute to a speckled spray pattern. And, if you want to cover cakes, for instance, you'll probably need more psi.

One other important consideration is servicing. If you buy indirectly through a wholesaler online, and/or an airbrush manufactured in China with a big-name private label on it (like Duff's), you are likely going to have trouble locating someone to service it for you if/when needed. That all being said, I think your best service is likely to come from Creative Cookier - her airbrushes are single-action and made in China to her specs, but she's top-notch when it comes to delivering service. I have not used her system, but others seem to like it a lot.

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