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Reply to "Metallic Paints"

I'm having this problem, too! I usually use edible silver paint from Sweet Sticks, but decided on my latest job to use the non-toxic Super Silver from Truly Mad plastics, thinking it would give me the smooth, chrome-like finish I was after. Instead, it looked glittery and grainy. Still pretty, but not the look I was going for. Does anyone know what the trick is to achieving the smooth metal finish in the product photo? I mixed the powder with some vodka to form a thick paste and brushed onto dry royal icing with a food-safe paintbrush. It just looked like a glitter finish, AND it looked like it was dissolving my icing.

Thanks for any tips!


How it came out on my cookie (see motor and exhaust tailpipes)

On my cookie

How it's advertised:

Product Image

It almost looks like theirs is airbrushed (that's the look I get with other powders when I mix about 1 part powder to 3 or 4 parts vodka or Everclear, and then airbrush the mix). You should ask them though; I'd imagine they'd tell you. My thought on your piece is that your paint was too thick, and you're seeing blobs of dust (a rougher look) as a result. I'd use a looser paint, and possibly grain alcohol if your royal icing is actually dissolving.