Julia's Online 3-D Cookie Course Links - Now Available!

Woo hoo! The links to sign up for my online 3-D cookie class with EduK in July are now available, below. And here's a quick teaser . . .



Important Notes:


(1) I will be doing ALL NEW projects for this class; those in the trailer video above are past work and only suggestions of what I will be teaching.


(2) The course will be live-streamed for FREE on July 27, 28 and 29 at various times. Afterwards, it will be available for a fee to view on demand. That fee will be set and published by EduK at a later date.


(3) The course will be given in English and translated into Portuguese and Spanish.


To sign up for the live-streaming:


If you speak Portuguese, click here.

If you speak Spanish, click here.


If you speak English or any other language, click on either of the above pages and translate the site into your language to sign up. (Most browsers should automatically present you with a translate option for the site.)

I look forward to "seeing" you there! Now, to get cracking on those NEW projects! 


** UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 8, 2015 **



Now that the live-streaming is over, the links above may not work. BUT, you can still purchase the recorded course!


If you speak Portuguese, hang tight; that link is coming soon!

If you speak English, click here to purchase. (Note: The class price is listed in pesos, not USD.)


If you speak Spanish, click here to purchase.


Many thanks for checking out my course!

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