New Cookie Connection Merchandise!

Hi, all! I have a fun little announcement for you, which includes some goodies designed to make us feel even more like one big, happy Cookie Connection family!

Long story short, I recently partnered with and YouTube to bring branded Cookie Connection and JULIA merchandise to YouTube. I’m beta-testing the feature now with some cute Cookie Connection tees and other goodies. Right now, I've got two Cookie Connection tees that look the same from the front . . .

Square Tee FrontBORDER

. . . but which have different messages (in different sizes and colors) on the back:


I also have an assortment of JULIA-branded tees, mugs, and phone cases that bear some of my favorite catch phrases (like "live sweetly", "more is more", and so on). Here's an example of one:

Team Julia Front BORDER

All proceeds from these product sales go toward defraying the ongoing maintenance costs of Cookie Connection and my YouTube channel, so that I can continue to bring this content to you for free. Please check out the new merch by going directly to my store on, clicking on any of the t-shirt links you see on the right hand side of this site, or accessing it under any of my YouTube videos on my YouTube channel.

As I said, I am beta-testing this concept with some very simple designs, and am not yet wedded to anything, so please let me know what you think and if there’s anything else you’d like to see. Please email all feedback to Thanks!


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