New Site Submissions Clip Set for Site Backgrounds and Banners

Hi, all! Well, Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 was such a resounding success (read the recap here) that I decided to invite members to submit background and banner photos for consideration at any time. I would love to continue to feature members' cookies in these areas for as long as Cookie Connection exists! In addition to keeping the site looking its best, this approach should also bring more visibility to your work.

To facilitate the submission process, I've opened up a new clip set called "Site Submissions" where banners and backdrops can be posted. I'll evaluate them from time to time for inclusion on the site.

To increase the chances that your work will be selected, please remember:

  1. Images should feature cookies.
  2. The color palette should harmonize with the color scheme of the site (especially the header).
  3. Background images should be 1900 W x 1200 H px, and banner images should be 690 W x 127 H px.
  4. Save your original high-res images (at the above dimensions); if I elect to use your images on the site, I will need you to resubmit the originals for uploading.
  5. Other background and banner design tips can be found in the original Challenge #13 blog post, here. PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE DESIGNING YOUR ART. It's especially important to have cookie content in the upper left corner of your background, or nothing will show when I upload it. (The background image gets blown up a lot on most devices.)
  6. Both images should be added to the clip set in one post, with the background as the main image and the coordinating banner attached in the first comment under the background photo.
  7. In your clip title, please also state the month for which your submission is intended.

While I encourage you to submit at any time, please note that the earliest any new entries will be posted is 2017, after the challenge winners' entries have all been posted in 2016.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

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