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Order for Two Thousand - HELP with Pricing!


Hopefully someone will see this and maybe have some advice for me! 

I recently received a potential order of 2,000 cookies for a large, well known store.  Their marketing specialist has contacted me in regards to 2,000 cookies. They will all be round and with a white (maybe black too) base with a gold logo detail. 

This equals to about 167 dozen cookies. I'm slowly realizing my worth and do not want to lose myself if I'm chosen by this client, but of course this order is so large,  I feel like I have to discount.  

To my fellow cookiers, who are much more knowledgeable and much stronger than I am when it comes to pricing . . . do you have any tips or suggestions on what a fair price for this order would be?

I would typically charge $35 per dozen for this type of order had it been of a normal amount.  

Thank you to anyone who can help!  You all rock! 



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