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Our CookieCon Speakers Series Continues with Our March Live Chat!

Hi, all! I'm back! My apologies for the brief hiatus in chat listings - it's been a super busy month with CookieCon prep! But, the good news is, once CookieCon is over, we're continuing with another two or three chats in our CookieCon Speakers Series! Woo hoo!


Next up, on March 30 (10 am central), is CookieCon 2019 presenter Kristin Grunder of Grunderfully Delicious! As always, we love to receive questions in advance, so please don't hesitate to post some now, especially if you can't make the chat at the appointed time. Kristin's chat room is now open here; just follow the instructions at the top of the page to leave questions.

At CookieCon, Kristin will be talking about how to simplify cookie designs to get maximum appeal with a minimum of effort. What a wonderfully practical topic, right? It's so wonderful that I'm hoping we can continue that dialogue in this chat. And, of course, I'm also dying to hear about her latest business venture - the opening of her very own cookie studio for classes and other events. It looks incredible! (Sneak peek at the end of this post.)

Kristin's bio (below), website, and Instagram page are sure to give you even more fodder for discussion, so please check them out before the chat. We look forward to "seeing" you there!

Grunderfully_Delicious_HEAD_CroppedKristin Grunder started her cookie adventure six years ago on her 30th birthday. At that time, she was a homemaker looking for a unique creative outlet, and so she began documenting her cookie decorating progress via an online blog. Her journey into the craft soon attracted thousands of followers interested in the edible art of cookie decorating, and that is how her business, Grunderfully Delicious, was born! The company’s mission is “to inspire a generation of customers to find a creative outlet they can share with friends by offering the best cookie decorating products, guides, and tutorials on one convenient easy-to-use site.” Grunderfully Delicious' vision is simple: "Creating custom cookies carefully crafted and enjoyed by all!” In addition to selling cookies, classes, and products, Kristin recently opened up her very own cookie decorating studio in Anaheim, California, USA.

Photo and cookie credits: Kristin Grunder

And, last but not least, for that sneak peek I teased you with . . . but first, don't forget to leave your advance questions in Kristin's chat room! (You can also re-live Kristin's cookie studio renovation here.)



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  • Kristin's Live Chat Banner: Cookie and Photos by Kristin Grunder; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • Sneak Peek of Kristin's New Cookie Studio: Photo by Kristin Grunder
  • Kristin Grunder: Photo Courtesy of Kristin Grunder
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