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Recipes I Love

MY personal favorite cookie recipe is from Lilaloa! I fell in love with her Chocolate cookie and Vanilla variation recipes. THEN she out did herself with coming up with a Vanilla 2.0 recipe that includes brown sugar. I <3 it!! It's the only one I use now.  I'm insane when it comes to my cookies spreading. I HATE spreadage! These cookies have almost 0% spreading! It's impressive. She's just good like that!


I live in a high humidity area, so I used to struggle with my Royal Icing. Then I came across Sugardeaux's RI recipe. She lives about an hour away, so she understands the humidity fight!! Her RI recipe is so easy!


Luckily for me, these two ladies are generous enough to not only share their recipes, but let me make up these little recipe cards to use. Please feel free to use any of them yourself!  


Vanilla 2.0



Choco cookies



Sugardeaux RI



What's YOUR favorite recipe?

One Kookie Cookie



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  • Lilaloa's Vanilla 2.0 cookie recipe
  • Lilaloa's Chocolate Cookie recipe
  • Sugardeaux Royal Icing Recipe
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