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Royal Icing/Details Crushing After Freezing

I know this is in these forums somewhere, so please direct me to threads. I've looked but I don't see specifically this.

My piping detail is crushing on my cookies after I freeze them and take them out to thaw. Here are my stats:
Genie's Dream, 4T per 2lbs 3X, 2T corn syrup, 1/4t additional MP
Cello bag and heat seal and in freezer container; let them come to room temp for 8+ hours.
And the piping crushes

Here are some things I'm wondering about:
I recycle my RI and add leftovers (frozen) to my next batch as a color base.
I'm in Michigan...crazy humidity
I added lemon juice to offset sweetness
I'm drying in a dehydrator

Some of my batches are perfect, but two I did last week were ruined and it was horrible having to show my customer. I have a 200-cookie wedding coming up and I can't afford to have this happen.

Please, please chime in or direct me to the threads. TIA...I'm desperate.

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