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Reply to "Ring in the New Year with Our January 2020 Site Artist!"

Julia, thank you for your kind words and wishes for the new year !!

I would also like to thank you most sincerely that I have been here for (almost) 1 year now and feel very clearly how you can help each other and share experiences. Questions are answered quickly and I have found very nice cookie friends, where you can occasionally exchange one or the other privately.

Here with me there is nobody around with this hobby and so I was more than thrilled when I found this page! It's definitely one of my favorite sites!

Many, many thanks dear Julia @Julia M. Usher and your contributors Christine, @Bakerloo Station Samantha, @Aproned Artist, Manu @Manu and Dotty @SugarDotCookies for your great commitment here !!
Thanks too and all the best to Lucy (@Honeycat cookies) for your great posts!

Kanchana - what a beautiful name my cookie friend !!! @Kanch J
I am so happy for you that you will be introduced here today !! You have a "Like" and often a nice comment ready for everyone and your endless cookie creativity amazes me! All in just 2 years!?! Congratulations and big hugs dear friend Kanchana !! I'm really looking forward to your new creations !! This month I always have to think of you when I open this page!

I also wish everyone the best, but above all health for the new year and I am looking forward to the many new cookies that come !! Thank you very much Julia, Christine, Samantha, Manu and Dotty for they make it all possible !!
(and pleace: sorry for my english)

I would also like to send all my best wishes for health to @Little Wonderland and wish you a speedy recovery !!! 🙏🏻

 ❤️  A happy New Year in peace to all !!