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Sugar Cookie Dough Consistency with Reduced Sugar and Reduced Butter/ Reduced shortening

Hi, all,

In one of my sugar cookie experiments, I tried to replace butter with shortening (Crisco). I added only 75% of sugar (than what was called for in the recipe) and added only 75% of crisco (than what was called for in the recipe). That is, I replaced 100% butter with just 75% Crisco shortening and I replaced 100% sugar with just 75% sugar. I did not use any baking powder (the recipe says 1 tsp could be used, however it is optional). I usually use 1 tsp baking powder.

When I was rolling the dough, I felt that the dough was breaking more easily and was more crumbly as opposed to sticking together. I had to keep putting it back together with my hands and then roll it.

I rolled my cookies 1/4" thick. Usually my cookies do not puff unevenly. However, this time in some cookies I found uneven puffiness in only certain parts.

Could any of you experienced bakers throw some light on why could this be?

Also, how does reduced sugar or reduced fat % impact the dough or dough's pliability/bonding feature. Does this reduced amount impact how dough behaves when being rolled?

Also, what could be the reason for this uneven puffiness in the cookies?

P.S.: I have read all the Toolbox Talk articles here (excellent source of information), but I couldn't find the response to my questions mentioned above. 

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