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Reply to "SugarDeaux Quick-Dry Royal Icing"

So RI has a flavor and texture?* Hummm...


It's been a long time since I flooded a cookie.   The cookies were always pretty, but I don't like to eat food color or RI. (*Please read above comment.)  I always knocked the RI off of my cookie before I ate it and told the kids to do the about a party pooper.


I use RI now only to decorate the gingerbread cookies we eat, give as gifts and hang on the tree and in the windows at Christmas.  They're decorated in a Euorpean style, simple line designs, so there isn't much icing on them at all.  In fact, it falls off when you eat the cookie. (*texture uh?)  You could say that I'm pretty lackadaisical about RI.


However, having discovered Cookie Connection I've been attacked by the cookie bug and have an obssesive desire to bake and flood decorate cookies again.


Thanks for removing the hunt for the perfect RI Karen. I know, I know, you don't claim it's perfect, but it reads perfectly to me.


I'll keep you posted!







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