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Reply to "What Does Your Cookie Decorating Space Look Like?"

I don't have much space.  We moved to the coast a few years ago and bought a little 2-bedroom condo...who knew I'd become a cookier/hoarder???  When we purchased a new television that is about 5 feet long, I confiscated the old television armoire for my cookie things.  It still isn't big enough (I have other baking supplies in other areas)...but most of my cookie stuff is in the armoire.  Best part...I can close the door and it is all hidden.  I used to have things stacked against the wall in our dining area!  My tips and bags are all in a Wilton Tool Box on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen.  It is also filled to overflowing


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  • Inside my Cookie Armoire
  • Top Shelf - Cookie Cutters (with overflow in canister below)
  • Second Shelf - Tools, Food Colors, Fondant, RI Transfers
  • Bottom Section - tons of sprinkles and other supplies
  • A drawer between the shelves holds airbrush, heat gun, and backgrounds
  • Doors closed hides most of the mess.