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Reply to "What Does Your Cookie Decorating Space Look Like?"

Seriously? I am amazed at all your cookie decorating treasures. WOW is all I can say. 

I have 1 small drawer with 10 colors, about 20 cutters( a few sent to be by a parishioner from my sister's church in Long Branch), a few paint brushes from my kids color box( the kids are over 20 years old now), a box of tips I haven't opened which was gifted to me last week , 4 molds, 6 plastic mats, a 5 euros tool set, a small knife, box of tooth picks and a jar of candy pearls. And every time I say I want something someone says, "Where do you plan on taking this hobby of yours?" In other words why am I spending good money on something that will take me nowhere.

So ladies I am overwhelmed with you beautiful, well stocked and well organized ,clean spaces.


Images (2)
  • IMG_20130703_185921: My drawer of decorating tools, box with cutters and covopast
  • IMG_20130703_185934: Tools , stamps and molds
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