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Reply to "What Does Your Cookie Decorating Space Look Like?"

My space is FAR too messy to show you in full right now, so I'm just going to share some tidbits. (I usually work in a small kitchen that I have set up in my basement, with old equipment that I brought with me when I closed my bakery. It gets overrun with projects from time to time - like now - but at least it's out of plain view.)


I have a fascination for old signage and salvage/repurposing of any kind, which I think you'll see in some of my decor in this space. Photos below, with more explanations in the attached photo captions.










Images (4)
  • Clabber Girl Signage: This sign hangs near my fridge and is about 5 feet wide.
  • Wall Clock: This clock was running backwards when I found it; now fully functioning - it lights up when plugged in!
  • My Baking Powder Collection: I have about 40 old canisters that line a ledge on the way down to my basement test kitchen. I love their graphic red and yellow labels!
  • The Other End of MY Baking Powder Collection: More old signage peppered in with the baking powder containers.