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What is the best edible paper and technique for my job?

Hi Everyone!


I designed a cookie for my niece's christening this summer.

The design is the christening dress cookie with some delicate piping accents to the dress. I want to typeset the words "God Bless Alexandra Katelyn and the date" on either a frosting sheet or wafer paper and then glue it to the cookie.

I'm thinking the words will look much cleaner doing it on the computer rather than piping it on directly to the cookie. 


I don't have an edible printer so I will have to find a bakery or order this on the internet.


I want to know which paper to use for this job? I want the paper that just melts into the icing and disappears at the edges so I won't have to border the edges with icing. This is border is not in my design layout for this cookie.


Also to get this melted in effect should I apply the frosting sheet or wafter paper to wet icing so it could melt in or can I apply these papers on dry icing with corn syrup?


Thanks for the help!


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