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3-D Blue Basket Cookie
Made by Manu (Cookie Connection Tutorial April 2021, link in first comment)

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One more 3-D basket cookie, this time blue with yellow roses. The cookies aren't glued together with icing, just stacked into a basket shape. A sort of 3-D cookie platter. The heart cut out from each cookie adds an element of surprise when the basket will be dismantled to be eaten.

Below a photo of the cookies ready for assembly:


Read my full tutorial β€œMade by Manu”, April 2021, here on Cookie Connection: https://cookieconnection.julia...ookie-basket-for-mom


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  • The Cookies Decorated and Ready for Assembly: Design, Cookies and Photo by Manu
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I "have" to start just like that over and over again... As always, Manu, a wonderful tutorial... !! I love these rose baskets !!So so beautiful and many Thanks for sharing !! ❀️ @Manu

Thank you, Gabi @Icingsugarkeks πŸ’™ I am glad you like them! Yes, I keep making different versions of my tutorials, I feel I just can’t let them go😁😁😁

@perry93536 posted:

Just amazing! Wish I could make roses that looked so beautiful!

Thank you, Perry @perry93536! If you look closer to each single rose you will notice that they aren’t really beautiful πŸ˜„. But once they are assembled together in a bouquet the imperfections just add a more realistic touch. Keep practicing, as it is all about practice. Start with the rose nail following Julia M Usher’s You Tube’s video and build a muscle memory to gain control. Eventually move to the toothpick technique. This has been working for meπŸ’™

Oh so beautiful dear Manu @Manu!! I just love the blue/yellow combination. Your idea of this basket is truly fabulous. Completely ingenious how you stacked the cookies and decorated the edges to create the basket. It's so realistic and your roses are gorgeous. As always, your work is beautiful ❀️❀️❀️ Hugs...

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