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Nine Tries
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #46 - Imprinted Icing

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These were so much fun. My goal was to have each cookie represent a different medium or technique. I used parchment, foil, wax paper, fondant mold stencil sheets, and shelf liner (the bubble kind you put under the cookies so they don't slide around). After I took the pictures below I used a sponge dobber to gently highlight the texture. Just dabbed it straight down. It gave them a gilded look which I love. The flat foil was my favorite though it took 2 days to dry before I could remove the foil. That one reminds me of the moon or a sand type texture. New ideas brewing already for that technique. Note: all the plastic mediums dried in a lighter color than the exposed icing, they took a full 24 hours longer to dry and had a rough not smooth texture. I wasn't expecting that. I expected it to be smooth like the back of transfers.



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How beautiful Kyra @Kyra Manthe!! I love using the same cookie shape and creating so many different types of texture using the same color combination: purple and silver. I'm particularly drawn to this as purple is my favorite color . Thank you for all the great pictures showing how you achieved the various textures. Looks like  you had lots of fun with these indeed! Wonderful work ❀️❀️❀️ Hugs...

Wow! I love that you experimented with so many techniques and media. The flat foil one does have a very interesting look, and I really like how you have highlighted the air bubbles with silver.  Thank you for sharing information about the process. I never would have guessed that some of the items would have created a lighter tone of icing - very interesting, indeed.

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