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A Big Drop of Dew Slowly Solidifies Into Ice
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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This post is a cookie experiment. It is not a photomontage! I only used physics here and "played around" with photography ... I wanted to place a nice, big, round drop of dew on a marzipan leaf. The sheet lies on a "mossy" cookie. I made the drop with an ice-ball mold and isomalt. The result was the picture No. 4. The Isomalt had developed many tiny bubbles in the form. It looked beautiful, but it was not what I wanted. So I photographed the scene first and then let the Isomalt "make" ... At current humidity around 60%, that did not take long and the drop was sticky. The bubbles disappeared more and more and he became visibly clearer! Now I have photographed at intervals again. Due to the water-like appearance, the white "ice" of the leaf was reflected in the drop at a certain angle, which looked like it was being frozen from below! At the very end I took the first picture. A shot in which no white is reflected, only the green of the leaf is visible. Now I've just reversed the pictures, so it looks like the drop is slowly freezing. Maybe it looks a bit utopian rather than frozen ?! But I had my fun !!
(Sorry for my english!!)

Oh my dear friend, Gabi, @Icingsugarkeks!! this is fabulous!!! I just love the "dew" on the leaves. You are so incredibly creative and your work is always uniquely fresh. Love, love, love this beauty. You did an awesome job working with the isomalt!! It came out just perfect ❤️❤️❤️