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For the food pantry this week, I made blueberry cookies.  I used a blueberry emulsion in the dough.  The raw dough was actually purple but came out as the color shown once baked.  They smell and taste of blueberries!  The blueberries on the cookies are royal icing transfers. I used a tutorial and template from the Bearfoot Baker.

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What a great idea Lisa @LisaF!! Your blueberries are perfect . I love how the transfers come out. How long does it take you to make 150 transfers for these pantry cookies? You are AMAZING my dear cookie friend ❀️❀️❀️ Hugs...

Thank you so much my friend. Your comment reminded me that I needed to give credit for the look of the berries to The Bearfoot Baker. She actually takes it one step further and adds a cloudy effect. Since I had to make three berries for each of the cookies, I decided skip that step. Even I have limits!😝

Oh Lisa, this Blueberry cookies looks soooo great and delicious!! It's great, that you used a blueberry emulsion in the dough. Mmmmh!!! Your Blueberrys looks very realistic! Great as always dear Lisa!! @LisaF ❀️

Thank you Gabi.  I was quite pleased with the taste of the cookies.  I've been experimenting with the various emulsions, trying to figure out the correct amount to add.  Still learning....😘

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