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Coffee Table
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #42

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This entry, I made sugar glass for the first time referring Matt Taylor's sugar glass recipe which Christine shared in her main PBP challenge post. Thanks Christine @Sweet Prodigy for sharing.

I broke the sugar glass into pieces and pasted on folded cookie. Then I refill the white RI for remaining areas to bring it to the same level.

* But after filling RI on the other areas I noticed that some color bleeding of sugar glass. Either I have done it wrong or there is a specific step I have missed..

Thank you so much Julia @Julia M. Usher and Christine @Sweet Prodigy for another wonderful educative challenge.


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  • Sugar glass
  • Table parts
  • Table top

From your 3 entries this one is my favourite, because love mosaic tables and chears, imagine to make my own once and drinking coffee in my garden. Awesome work dear Kanchana πŸ‘

Nice to hear this is your favourite. Wish your dream become reality soon to have your coffee on your own mosaic table. πŸ™‚Thank you so much, dear Petra. ❀

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