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Heart of Glass
1 of 5 entries I created for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #30

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For the challenge I worked with isomalt. Instead of just one cookie design I planned several different ones. Just in case something goes wrong, haha... let's blame bad experiences with isomalt so far.

My first test was ok, but when working on the cookies the isomalt have been sticky right aways. And I am sure it will ruin them quickly. Still don't know how to handle isomalt right (except from making in liquid and getting it into the right shape).

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This is my first entry. 
Just something simple to get started with. Melted the isomalt and poured into the heart shaped hole. I also created several waterdrops by accident, that I used for these and the following cookies. If they are already there, you can make use of them as well, right? 

Here is some close up:



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Manu posted:

I love the waterdrop accents and the fact that they were create by mistake! Lovely entry!

Thank you! Yes, those waterdrops are a great addition to any cookie. And it's so easy to get them, haha.

Bakerloo Station posted:

This is a very pretty cookie, and I fantastic way to begin learning how to work with isomalt. I would say that your first try was definitely a success!

Aww, thank you!!

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