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Caravan of Love - View #1

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Hi, @Jani May Cookie Artist! Your camper and truck cookies are super cute, but I wanted to remind you of some tips to ensure that your photos get the maximum views and are able to be searched and found. I believe I mentioned them to you on your last post, so please take note of them this time, and please make the appropriate changes to the four cookies you just posted:

1) Give them descriptive main titles, not just your name (which already appears next to your post). You will need to overwrite your file name in the main title field when you post.

2) Assign more than one or two tags; the tags should describe both the occasion for the cookies and the techniques used.

3) Only select the most relevant (3 or 4 clip sets).

Again, please make these corrections (it is too time-consuming for me or admins to do so), and please read our site posting guidelines for clarification of these rules and others before you post again. Here's the direct link: https://cookieconnection.julia...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST

This link can also be found at the top of the main "Clips" page (under "Please read before posting"), in the "About" section, and in every email you get after you post.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you post next.

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