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Knit Horseshoes
Happy New Year!

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Petra Florean posted:

Love your knitted horseshoes, all the best in New Year 2020 dear Sonja ❤️

Thank you, dear Petra @Petra Florean 😘 ❣️ All my best for a most wonderful 2020 to you as well, my sweet friend!

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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Oh WOW!!!!!!!! Sonja, das ist einfach erstklassig!!!!! Das sieht so unwahrscheinlich echt aus, als wäre es wirklich gestrickt!!! Eine traumhafte Arbeit liebe Sonja und ein Glücksbringer für das neue Jahr noch dazu!!!  Wunderschön!!! ❤️ @iSugarfy (aka swissophie)

Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine netten Worte, liebe Gabi @Icingsugarkeks ❤️❤️❤️! Fürs Neujahr wünsche ich dir nur das Allerbeste, aber vor allem eben Glück und Gesundheit!

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Dear Sonja @iSugarfy (aka swissophie), these are SO fun!!! Of course they're done with absolute perfection and what an incredible idea to make horseshoes using the "knitting stitch" r.i. The lady bug is a fun addition along with the clover leaf...beautiful work, as always, my dear friend!!! Happy New Year to you!  I wish that your year is filled with happiness, joy, more time with those you love, grace and wisdom to get through the challenging times and lots of FUN decorating cookies ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for always having something special to say, dear Carol @Cookies Fantastique ❤️❤️❤️!!! The horseshoe, four-leave clover, and ladybugs are all symbols of luck in this part of the world, and we wish this each other for the new year. So with that, I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year as well, filled with love, abundant health and yes, tons of luck ! I look forward to seeing more of your creativity this year, my sweet friend... yes, let's have fun !

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