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This was my first time doing any type of brush embroidery whatsoever.  I can definitely see how it is a technique that will greatly improve with practice.  I played around with a variety of line sizes and brush sizes.  Some were okay, some too sloppy.  I also played around with using a really thick line and pulling from both sides toward the center of adjacent squares.  Ultimately, I settled on two separate lines, which turns out to most closely resemble the actual pineapple.

My first attempt was a smaller grid.  It felt too sloppy to me.  So I made the grid larger with a reduced number of squares.  The added surface definitely helped and gave me enough space to add a center.

I actually enjoyed this quite a bit though I am still not sure if I did the technique correctly (LOL πŸ˜‚).  I have one more pineapple cookie left in case I completely missed the mark!!!

tool set-upgridsmaller squareslarger squares


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  • tool set-up: Tool Set-up
  • grid: Grid with Needle
  • smaller squares: Smaller Squares
  • larger squares: Larger Grid
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This is an excellent first entry into the challenge - and such a clever way to recreate the rough texture of a pineapple. I do like the lines being piped back to back since it really does help to highlight the diamond pattern. Did you have a favorite brush to create this look? 

Thank you so much @Sweet Prodigy. The brush I ended up using was the third from the left in the photo. It is flat and angled.  It was also the firmest. I’m not sure if it is true for everyone but the firmness really helped me when pulling through the lines. 

@E. Sherwood posted:

Excellent!  How thick was your icing?  Did you add piping gel to the icing?  I love the texture- it adds so much interest.

Thank you @E. Sherwood. I would say the icing was Outline consistency but it was on the loose side. I did not use piping gel. I think probably a thicker icing would have worked better and provided more definition to the strokes. It worked okay for the pineapple but if a more elegant look is desired, I think a thicker icing is required. I seem to struggle with keeping my consistencies consistent!