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Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind
CookieCon 2017 Sugar Show Entry "Cinema Category"

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Anatomy of a cookie- The Making of Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind. Attached are the three pics I used as inspiration for the cookie, as well as the steps documented to create the scene. I first drew the my scene on paper based on the elements I loved from the inspiration pics. I am obsessed with Gone with the Wind. It is one of my favorite books- I have the movie, the entire Barbie collection and even a poster stored somewhere lol! I knew I wanted to create Scarlett wearing this dress since it is one of my favorite costumes. I also knew I wanted the scene to depict many shades of green (since Scarlett is known for her green eyes). I definitely had to include Tara (Scarlett's home) in the scenery. The author, Margaret Mitchell, gives such life to the home- almost as if it is one of the characters in the novel. I only wish I took more time to properly age the look of the plantation mansion and added more dusts and perhaps vines. Lastly, I added a fondant border and painted it an antique gold to frame the cookie.


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Colleen Patafio/Dover Girls Desserts posted:

I wish I could LOVE it! it's fabulous, Arlene! i'm so glad I got to see the process and the close up work on that dress!!! such a work of art!!! thank you for sharing the steps you took. xo

Thanks so much Colleen!!! Xoxo

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