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Tea Time by icingsugarkeks
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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These tea cups are butter cookies, baked on the outer shape of cake pops. Immediately after baking, I filled them with 2 gummy bears of different colors and briefly in the microwave until the gummy bears boiled up. After cooling, I put it on a "saucer".

Here the originals without steam:



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  • hot Love 2: icingsugarkeks

Hi Kim, Thank you sooo much!!! ❤️😘
Yes the gummy bears will be hard again. When boiling in the microwave you see it steaming ... That's why they get a little harder. If you do not let them boil, they will stay as they are, but they will not shine. One notices in larger works that the gummy bears "work". They do not stay in the shape as Isomalt. 
 @Kim Damon

Wow Christine, that's a great idea !!! I didn't think about that now! They really look like jelly !! Thank you so much! ❤️😘  @Bakerloo Station
I had thought of English tea bowls, but I like jelly better !!!