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View from the Universe to the Earth - Aerial Perspective
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #36, by icingsugarkeks

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The photo is not a photomontage !!
I wanted to make it pretty easy with the perspective, that the earth should be the distance and the space shuttle the nearness. The suspected problem came but promt with the photographing of the scene ...
I have a black cardboard as a background. The moon is "lying" on the background. With white food coloring, silver glitter and silver stars, the "galaxy" emerged.
Now followed infinite shots ... The problem was the shadow! There are no shadows at this distance! In my pictures, however, the shuttle and the earth always showed a shadow somewhere, which made the whole thing look phony. Approximately 30 pictures later and many attempts of lighting I then had this picture! With a flashlight (sun), I have just exactly lit the earth and maintained a precise 90 Β° angle, so there is as little shade as possible. As an ingenious side effect, the water sparkles in the sun as in reality! The water is painted with blue paint and blue glitter.
The "earth" itself is a thick butter cookie topped with thin fondant until over the edge. The shuttle I made only from fondant.

Really well done! I love how persistent you were to get the perfect shot. Light is our friend and our enemy in photography, and you totally nailed it! And thanks for the explanation of the black cardboard. I was trying to figure out what was cookie and what was background (because you did the photography so well!). Great cookies!

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Oh Kim, Thank you so so very much for your kind words!! I appreciate it very much! I am overwhelmed by the different comments !! ❀️😘
For a better idea of the scene here are some negative examples...


Oh, yes! Now I can see it! You were so convincing in the end photo I never would have guessed. Very nice!

Haha! This is so darn fun and clever. A really great addition to the challenge! You could have titled this cookie: "Earth: An Alien's Perspective." I love the shimmer on the water, the positioning and size of your space shuttle, and all the great blended shades of green for the continent. I LOVE all of the work you did to stage this photo (And thank you for the great detailed description of your efforts!). Your hard work really paid off. With this entry, I can honestly say you took "atmospheric" perspective to a whole new level. (pun intended)