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White Widow
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #32

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What a clever way to do the spider! Congrats too on your first post to the site AND your first entry into one of our challenges! I hope there are many more to come!

Great entry! Welcome to the the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenges AND Cookie Connection! I LOVE that spider in the middle. I would love to know how you made it - especially how you did the legs and got them to stand and bend like that.

Thanks for the feedback.  I made the spider in the middle by piping some V transfers and letting them dry thoroughly.  I wasn't sure what shape I would want, so some I made more like a check mark while others were full Vs.  I also made a couple of different sizes.  In the final creation, the front 2 and back 2 legs are slightly smaller than the 4 middle legs.  

After they dried, I put a blob of icing (maybe 20-second icing?) in the middle and then plopped the legs in (with a very little bit of icing on the "toe").  Then it was prayer, some catching of legs falling over, and waiting to see if it would work  After it seemed stable for 15 minutes, I put one more blob for the head.  

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