Sugar Dot Surveys: Quick-Fire Q&A


Welcome to Sugar Dot Surveys! Every other month, I post a survey, typically to gather your input on a specific cookie or business topic. Once the survey ends, I compile the results and write a summary post here on Cookie Connection. (You can read my previous surveys and recaps here.)

There's so much that we can learn from each other!

Let's get started! Instead of looking deep into the whys and hows of one topic, we're going to change things up. This time, I'll be asking you a series of simple, quick-fire questions, which will cover a whole host of mini topics! Perhaps I'll look deeper into some of these topics in future surveys, but, for now, the primary aim is to have some fun learning more about each other.

Remember - this is rapid fire! If more than one answer applies to you, please choose the one that best answers the question.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Please share this survey with your cookie friends around the globe so that we can get input from as many cookiers as possible! I plan to start compiling results on April 22, 2019, so be sure to answer this survey before then.

(1) Open-ended (aka fill-in-the-blank or "Other") responses below are limited to 255 characters. If you run out of space on any question, feel free to elaborate in the comments area under this survey, but please identify the question (by number) to which you're responding. 
(2) Unfortunately, our survey software will not allow you to skip questions. You must answer every one, or the system won't accept any of your responses. If a question does not apply to you, simply select "N/A" (not applicable) in multiple choice questions or write "N/A" in fill-in-the-blank questions. Thanks!

ADDENDUM (May 8, 2019):  Read the recap article summarizing these survey results here.

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