Woo hoo! The results are finally in! I know firsthand what a grueling experience the judging process was, as I had the privilege (?!) of scouring 40 super-qualified portfolios, along with 11 other judges, to make the final determinations. What a challenge that was!


The judges' individual rankings in 10 categories were filed about a month ago, and then tallied by the folks at Cake Masters, leading to the awards announcements made last night at the 2017 Cake Masters Magazine Awards in Birmingham, England.

You can see the full array of winners, in all categories (including some we did not judge like Best Cake Show, Best Product, Cake Hero, etc.), on the Cake Masters Facebook page, here. But I wanted to specially acknowledge two Cookie Connection members for their victories; they were so well deserved, as anyone knows from seeing their work.

First, the winner of the Cookie category is our past site contributor, @Dolce Sentire - Aixa Zunino, aka Aixa Zunino! Woo hoo! She had some amazing 3-D cookie portraits and nature scenes in the portfolio that she submitted for evaluation. I hope she shares more of those cookies here! (Hint! Hint! )


And, in the Royal Icing category, the winner is @Anikó Vargáné Orbán! In addition to gorgeous cookies (some of which you can find in her portfolio here on Cookie Connection), Anikó included a towering royal icing castle and several elaborately decorated cakes in her striking portfolio.


Again, congratulations, ladies. Your work is truly world-class! Congrats also to the finalists in each of these categories, and all of the others. I often liken the judging process to splitting hairs, because each and every finalist is a stand-out!

Stay tuned as well for the announcement of the Cookie Connection annual Cookiers' Choice Awards. Nominations will open soon, with some changes in our categories.


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Dolce Sentire posted:

Can I Julia? Hahaha I'd really love to share my new creations with all the Cookie Connection Community! I miss you all so much😪

Thank you all ladies for all the kind comments, support and love, I can't ask for more! Im really happy with the award! Feeling so honoured and blessed! ❤️ 

Yes, of course! Congrats again!

What wonderful news - Congrats to two very talented ladies.  I'm very happy for you both! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

I will have to say I was surprised that Best Cover with the adorable little piggies gave no credit to the beautiful cookies also appearing on that cover done by our Evelindecora !  I didn't understand why she was omitted. 😨   

I had the opportunity of being one of Aniko's students a few years back!  She is a humble , talented creative soul! I hope to meet Aixa someday too. 

Again ladies my warmest and sincere congratulations. 

La Shay by Ferda Ozcan posted:

A huge congratulations to Aixa and Aniko, very well deserved. ❤️❤️

Can't be compared with their achievement but I also won Gold with my "decorated cookies for Santa" entry at Cake International, Birmingham.IMG_8835IMG_8840.

Fantastic! It looks like they had quite a showing of cookies! Congrats!

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