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Yay! My new YouTube channel, Recipes for a Sweet Life, is finally up! It includes a limited release of four of the 16 videos from my previously released Ultimate Cookie Decorating Video Series (marbling, stenciling, top-coating/outlining and flooding, and parchment cone how-tos) as well as 11 brand new videos that cover everything from cookie decorating to cake design to other sweet treats. (From here on out, I'll be announcing a new video roughly once every other week, schedule permitting.)


My first video, my cookie cake zoetrope (aka animated cake) for the OK State Sugar Art Show, released last week and can be found here:


And the latest is "How to Make 3-D Stenciled Cookie Baskets":


Because I like to thoroughly supply all the how-tos for my projects, most of these videos will be relatively long-form (i.e., in the range of 15 to 30 minutes), sort of like mini decorating and baking classes.


I hope you enjoy them. Please subscribe and help spread the word! Many thanks!


P.S. A huge shout-out to Kat Touschner for the video work!


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