On August 24 (10 am central), we're continuing our Cookie Competitor Live Chat Series with one of the fiercest (yet nicest and most humble) cookie competitors I know: Thomas Blake Hogan, first-place winner of my 2017 competition and also of my recent televised 3-D Cookie Art Competition™ at Show Me Sweets. He's placed in many more competitions besides these two for both his cookies and cakes (over 40, to be exact!), so we're in for a big treat!


In the chat, we'll address how Thomas typically preps for competitions, how he travels with and sets up competition pieces (always a scary task!), which types of competitions (online, televised, in-person, etc.) he prefers, and much more!

Thomas' chat room is now open to receive advance questions, HERE. If you can't make the live chat, just click through on this link and follow the instructions at the top of the chat room to leave questions at any time. Thomas will answer all advance questions on the live chat day. Of course, it's always more fun to meet our guests live! The above link is also the one to click to join the chat at the appointed time on August 24.

To help you formulate questions for the chat, I encourage you to read Thomas' bio and list of (VERY impressive) competition accolades below! "See" you at the chat!

thomblakecakesThomas Blake Hogan is a self-taught hobbyist who has risen through the ranks to become a multi-award-winning competitive sugar artist. Growing up in Missouri with an artistic family, Thomas always had a passion for creating. After graduating with a degree in musical theatre, he has made a career as a professional entertainer, most recently performing on several cruise ships. His introduction to sugar arts began when he was a teenager watching the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) featured on Food Network. From the first time he competed at OSSAS, he was hooked. Each year he kept wanting to try new things and expand his skills. This desire led him to start entering the cookie category at OSSAS, and soon cookies became one of his favorite mediums. In the eight years that he competed at OSSAS, Thomas grew from a teen beginner to a professional-level sugar artist. Thomas continues to enter various competitions around the United States whenever possible. He has placed over 40 times in competition, including 25 first-place awards. Though he doesn’t limit himself to one category of sugar art, Thomas is making quite a name for himself in the art of cookies by having won several major awards recently*. He enjoys expanding the possibilities of what cookies can do. The thrill and challenge of competition constantly drives Thomas to grow as an artist.

*Thomas’ most prestigious accolades include:

2019 Julia M. Usher’s 3-D Cookie Art Competition™, First Place
2019 SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, First Place in Cookie Category, Best in Show
2018 Frosting Creators Sugar Arts Showcase, First Place in Cookie Category, Best in Show
2017 Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™, First Place
2017 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Non-Professional Best in Show
2016 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Non-Professional Best in Show

To learn more about Thomas, please visit his Facebook and Instagram pages too.

Again, we really hope you'll join us at live chat time (August 24, 10 am central) to hear from Thomas firsthand. And, remember, if you can't make the live chat, have no fear! Just visit Thomas' chat room, as described earlier, to leave questions in advance!



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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Oh goodie!!! I absolutely LOVE Thomas Blake Hogan's work ❤️❤️❤️. From the very first competitive piece that I saw of Thomas' work, I've eagerly taken every chance I can to see what he's come up with next. His work is beyond impressive! I'm totally jazzed

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