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Hi, all! I'm thrilled to announce that @SugarDotCookies' (aka Dotty Raleigh's) latest survey is up! It's all about a topic near and dear to our hearts - how to make sure we get paid for our hard work!  More specifically, it covers the topics of how/if you invoice for cookie orders and your processes for collecting and accounting for payments on those orders.

You can find the survey here.

Survey responses must be received by September 15 to be included in Dotty's recap. Many thanks in advance for your participation! Please, however, ONLY ANSWER THE SURVEY IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY TAKING COOKIE ORDERS.


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Econlady posted:

I feel bad for not answering, but I stopped taking orders years ago.

I inadvertently posted an answer when testing the survey, and I feel bad about that too, as I no longer take orders! 

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