Artfully Delicious Rallies Cookiers for a Great Cause

Shannon Heupel (aka Artfully Delicious) isn't a member of Cookie Connection (yet!), but we hope she will be soon. We're pretty darn proud of her in any event!


Read about how she rallied a bunch of cookiers to raise money (over $6000) via a cookie auction for Oklahoma tornado victims.


You can see how Shannon's personal cookie auction played out here.

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Had to share the gorgeous cookies that I received for bidding on this fantastic auction. These cookies are by the very talented Debbie Weidler of Sweet Creations by Debbie. They were as fabulous looking in person as they were online. Note the use of past tense ("were"): they were supremely tasty too - I had four for dinner last night!


Flower Plaques by Debbie Weidler


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Oh my goodness everyone! You all did such an amazing job! I can't believe I totally missed out on this...gotta get out from under my rock and go check out what you fabulous gals are doing! Congrats on getting 1000.- for cookies Shannon! I always knew they were worth the price...DaVinci of cookies you are!

Originally Posted by Tina At Sugar Wishes:

I thought it a marvelous way to promote cookie creativity while helping people in need.

Julia, love that you admit you actually eat cookies too. It's a terrible job occupation when one is overweight and bakes cookies! 

Great job bakers.

Oh yeah, I eat cookies all right!

Oooh! And here's the lovely set of flowers that I just got from the talented Cookie Bliss. I bid on her cookies too - and obviously hit the jackpot!


Laurie, the cookie packaging was just right. All of the cookies arrived looking picture-perfect. So sorry my photo does not do them justice. Too dark when I shot it. 




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