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In light of recent reports of uncredited photos, I decided to pull together a few crediting best practices to give you all a clearer idea of how to best give credit where it's due. There are MANY people on this site who are setting standards for crediting well; these are just a few. 




Below are a few examples of nicely credited photos that draw on different sources of inspiration. Listed in parentheses are the areas (title, subtitle, tags, etc.) where the publisher cited her sources and placed links. These are great examples to follow when crediting your own work!


Original Art Source (cited in title, subtitle, and tag)http://cookieconnection.juliau.../clip/alphonse-mucha


Licensed Characters (MUST be put in the Character Cookie clip set; also called out as a Disney - or other - character in tags and subtitle)http://cookieconnection.juliau...m/clip/frozen-castle


Cookier Inspiration (cited in subtitle and tag; also a link to cookier's site in the first comment): http://cookieconnection.juliau...aint-your-own-cookie


Remember, the site's terms of use, that you agreed to upon sign-up, require crediting of sources whenever possible. More on this topic can be read here and here.


Thanks! I hope these examples help clear up any confusion on the topic.


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