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Hi - I'm new here.  IMPORTANT QUESTION (well, important to my niece and i . )


We're making a gingerbread structure for a competition and have limited time.  We're adding a poem written on and painting an outdoor scenery background on...  edible paper & mounting it onto gingerbread walls.  We need the poem to be legible, and the scenery to be relatively easy to paint on with paint brushes dipped in Wilson edible paints.


Which paper would allow us finer clearer print using fine tip Wilson edible ink markers (bought at Michael's)?  It's not getting eaten so flavor doesn't matter.


I have Wilson sugar sheets from Michael's.  I can buy wafer paper from ebay.  We have limited time to get this done so if I need to buy, i should do it very soon. 


We can use edible (cornsyrup) or non-edible (glue) materials to mount it, if that matters.  We can put white sugar sheets or fondant underneath the wafer sheets to reduce the transparency.


Thank you in advance for your opinions, and experiences!

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Hi, I thought you asked this question in another forum already, but I think it's better in its own area - as it's a distinct topic and more people are likely to see it here. So I'm deleting the other comment.


As for your question: I'm not sure I have a clear answer on this one - I feel like writing on wafer paper is never ideal because you can see through it (even when backed, the coloring can be a little uneven). But frosting sheets tend to be a little more absorbent so any ink tends to soak into them and spread a little more. I guess if I wanted really delicate lines, I'd probably go the wafer paper-route since it's less absorbent.


How about you try with what you have and also order some wafer paper to do a side-by-side test?? I know this won't save you money, but it may be the best way to find out what looks best in your particular application.

Thanks Julia!


I posted here because I'd gotten no viewings there and thought it might not belong there, so thanks for deleting it.


Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive few sheets?  The cheapest I've found (in stock) is $18 after shipping for 10 sheets (ebay).  We're writing a short poem, so at most need 1/2 sheet plus mistakes.


I have someone in the Maryland metropolitan area (out the 270 corridor) who could pick it up if there's a store out there.  I'm in a rural area so there's nothing.  I also have someone in Poughkeepsie NY area.



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