I noticed that the last time i bought meringue powder. I know in California a new law was passed about how much space a chicken must have to move around.  Our egg prices jumped. Not sure if there is any relationship with egg prices in California and CK meringue powder.

There's been a recent chicken flu that has caused a downfall in egg production and an across-the-board increase in egg prices of about 20%. Perhaps CK (and every other meringue powder supplier) is anticipating higher input costs or already experiencing them, and adjusting price accordingly. More info here: http://www.wisn.com/health/egg...to-bird-flu/33078338

I saw the price go up on another brand as well, and suspect it will stay that way, although I am just guessing. Eggs are one of the least expensive proteins in my area, maybe it was just too good to last. There is a huge price break for ordering in bulk though, so you may want to go in on a larger order with some other cookiers.
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Is there a "shelf life" for MP?  I store mine sealed in an airtight container in a cool dark place but my last two batches of icing have been a little wonky.  They separated quickly and didn't seem to hold their volume.

Yes there is a shelf life.

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