Here's a rough translation of Karla's post for those of us who don't speak Spanish:


Hello! Good evening! I would like to buy a Kopykake, but they are not sold here in Mexico. Can someone tell me where to buy one? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Karla, You can buy one directly from Kopykake. I believe they ship all over.


Here's the link to their store:


muchas gracias por sus comentarios esperó que si tengan envíos a México. Bonito fin de semana
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Hola buenas noches ya envié un mail a kopykake y me contestaron con rapidez, y si me lo envían a México, ahora tendré que esperarme un poco a que baje el dólar porque en México esta muy elevado, esta  en 17.04 pesos.

Saludos desde México.

Best of luck!

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