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In case you missed my previous announcements here, our CookieCon 2017 coverage is now in full swing!

Thanks to @Bev Made Cookies, and other members who have posted their contributions to the CookieCon Cookie Town Collaboration, you can see a photo diary of the event in our "CookieCon Coverage" clip set here.

And, thanks to @Econlady, who's been going a mile a minute so as not to miss ANYTHING, you read read her daily CookieCon journal here.

Enjoy! And, once again, my sincerest appreciation goes to both of these wonderful ladies for so generously volunteering to be this year's correspondent team! I love the chance to live vicariously!


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  • CookieCon Correspondents Banner: Clip Art from Shutterstock; Logo Courtesy of CookieCon; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
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