Cookiers Rule in Cake! Magazine

Yes, more proof positive that cookies are the new cupcake! Cookiers were featured prominently in the July 2014 issue of Australia's Cake! magazine, hot off the presses today!




Cookie tutorials by some of Cookie Connection's finest, including Yankee Girl Yummies, Tammy Holmes, ButterWinks!, and surely others I've missed (my apologies), start on page 84. I'm interviewed on page 102.


Power to the cookie!


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Congratulations everyone! And thank you so much, Julia, for providing the link to the July 2014 Issue of the Australia's Cake magazine. If you had not shared it here, I would have missed the opportunity to see it. I really appreciate it, very much! I enjoyed flipping through every page of the magazine! Very impressive! It's wonderful seeing some of the Cookie Connection member's and of course, you, Julia featured in such a great magazine! I enjoyed the amazing photos, tutorials and the recipes, very much! And you can bet I will be looking through the magazine, again and again! Thanks so much for sharing this with the Cookie Connection community! It is a true pleasure to see! 

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