Cottage Food Operations and Meringue Powder

Gayle (PlayingWithDough Cookies) posted:

Hi!  I am hoping/trying to set up a Cottage Food Operation (CFO) in California for my cookies. I thought I had everything lined up, and have just been told that California doesn't allow meringue powder (or similar) in icing. I have truly cried, it makes me so sad! And I have heard this is not unique to California. It makes absolutely no sense to me that it is allowed in a professional kitchen and not in a home kitchen. Professional kitchen rental is just too expensive for a startup ($400+/mo).

I'm sure that many of you have knowledge of what has been argued/tried before with various state health organizations to try to change this -- I'd love to get your input. Maybe some of you in California can join me in trying to see what we can do to influence this? I mean if one lined up a brownie, muffin, and royal iced cookie, we all know the cookie would last the longest!

Thanks for any input!!

Hi Gayle

i am also another California cottage fooder who is concerned about not being able to use MP. Do you have any others that are on board to help get the law changed? I am willing and ready to jump in the muddy waters with everyone to get this changed. If we can get funding from everyone to have this issue brought up for testing and then submitted. I’m ready!  

I've mentioned before that I'm willing to pitch in, too, to pay for testing or whatever to get MP approved. Gayle, have you had any updates to this issue? I've tried to contact some local ladies that I follow on instagram to ask how they are handling it as they are operating out of their homes. Two never replied (probably afraid to) and one was vague and never said what she's doing. I think they are lying about using MP, but that wouldn't be smart if there's an incident where they might need to use their insurance. And they would have to leave MP off their food labels. This is so frustrating  because I want to do the right thing. I also want to keep my business small so renting kitchen space would be too expensive and would defeat the purpose of working from home when I can make the time. I'm praying it will be approved on the next list - December, I believe?




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